Once Upon A Time…
An Austinite, traveler of waters,
got lost in the beauty of the creek
and went missing.
To this day, nobody knows their whereabouts,
but on a quiet misty morning,
you can hear the sound of paddles
dipping into the water and a ghostly glow
in the distance.

To re-connect with the lost history of Waller Creek, we used our own folk tale to evoke the feeling of a bygone era and inspire contemplation of the role the creek has played in Austin’s past. We were inspired by themes that are integral to Austin’s identity; natural beauty, music and water. In collaboration with our fabrication partners, Mother Built, we wanted to inspire awe with the vision of glowing paddles rowing along the creek, unmanned and mysterious. In partnership with local musicians, guesthouse and SlowBurst, we developed a soundscape to help create an immersive experience for creek visitors.

Art Installation for Creek Show 2019.

  • Services: Design / Metal Fabrication by Mother Built
  • Client: Waterloo Greenway Conservancy / Creek Show
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2019
  • Scope: 120 SF

Press + Awards


Waterloo GreenwayCreek Show 2019 Dazzles Over 60,000 People!

The Austin ChronicleThe Sixth Annual Creek Show at Waterloo Greenway

Austin360Oooo, lights: Annual Creek Show sets downtown Austin alight

CodaworxWaterloo Greenway’s 6th Annual Creek Show

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