Ocean 44 is the synthesis of architecture, gastronomy, and true hospitality. Located in Scottdale, the restaurant occupies the former site of the Harkins Camelview 5. It is precisely situated vertically to put the dining experience on theatrical display as patrons slowly elevate on Goldwater Boulevard approaching from the south. At grade and clerestory, the southwest corner is wrapped in glass to fully unmask the interior. The glazing is protected with a deep overhang that overlaps solid walls of adjacent masses. The underside is cladded with phenolic wood panels that flow inside creating a continuous soffit within while providing a deep soft shade. Separating the glazing from the stone walls are black metal panels from grade that rise to create the parapet and mechanical screen on the roof. Being a dinner-only restaurant, the subtle dark color of the metal was used to fade into the dark sky at night to further accentuate the stone walls. At 32’ tall, the courtyard tower anchors the north east portion of the building, hovering above while adding a prominent element to the façade.

  • Services: Architecture
  • Client: Prime Steak Concepts
  • Status: Complete
  • Year: 2018
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Press + Awards


The Arizona Masonry Council – Excellence Award

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