Phase II

Phase II at Clearfork poses an unprecedented opportunity in Fort Worth to recognize and shape the convergence of nature, retail, community, art, and luxury autos. This mixed-use development is formed through embracing the site’s natural assets and history to create a distinct and memorable place.

The concept seeks to challenge the experience of shopping for and servicing a vehicle through changing the environment in which it takes place. Showrooms become embedded within a retail and mixed use urban fabric, creating an ensemble of activity and uses along streets and open spaces.

  • Services: Master Planning, Architecture
  • Client: Confidential
  • Scope: 25 acres
Different from Phase I at Clearfork, Phase II is imagined as a cluster of authentically crafted buildings at the edge of a forest.
Phase II stitches The Heart of the Ranch, the Trinity River Trail and the Shops at Clearfork into a series of connected places.
Clear pedestrian, vehicular traffic, and visual connections are made to expand the built environment in a cohesive and obvious manner.
Imagine a retail village under the trees. A haven for auto enthusiasts and everyone else.


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