10 Years of Scottsdale Quarter

“Developments like Scottsdale Quarter are unique and take time. With each new phase, like a new puzzle piece, the picture slowly begins to take shape. Yet, the story is incomplete until the final phase is completed. ”

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The “Full Nelsens” bring home the AIA Desert Classic Volleyball Trophy

Last Saturday our team “FULL NELSENS” beat out a field of 34 teams at the AIA’s Desert Classic Volleyball Tournament assembled by architecture firms throughout the valley to claim the championship after coming in 2nd the last two years!

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A downtown Austin cafe in 1950s?

Last week a 1950s photograph by Neal Douglass was making a lot of buzz in the net. Turns out we know exactly where this building is today, who owns this building, and who’s running business here.  It’s us, Nelsen Partners. And yes, we are 100% positive.

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