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Nelsen Pet-ners

Just another day at the home paw-ffice. Since our teams have transitioned to working from home, we’re sharing our new coworkers with you – meet the AutoCATS and Bark-itects of Nelsen Partners. The new guys have a great work ethic and are proficient in begging for treats, napping on your desk, and generally looking cute.


90 SECONDS with Amy, Brittany, Adam, and Heather – Welcome!

We are happy to welcome back one of our longtime Austinite Architects: Amy Coulston (AC,) and from the Arizona office we welcome Brittany Swasey (BS,) Adam Kogan (AK,) and Heather Graham (HG). To all four of you; welcome to Nelsen Partners, we are so happy to have you on our team! Take 90 seconds and find out which of our new crew members is getting ready for Area 51 festivities, who is a retired Curling Pro, who can make their eyebrow dance, and last, who do you think can play a ukulele while devouring some S'mores? Read below for the full interviews!


90 SECONDS with Jack, Abby, Casey, Laura, and Teo – Welcome!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest Austin crew-members: Abby Black (AB,) and Laura Perez (LP,) and those from our Scottsdale office: Jack Harris (JH,) Casey Steill (CS,) and Teo Paul (TP,). We’re excited for them to join our team! Take 90 seconds and find out which of our new team members is an open sea swimmer, a cake ball expert, an axe thrower (watch out!), a musician, and a martial artist. Also, we hope you are into ice cream architecture, because the five of them designed pretty tasty ice cream cones! Read below for more.


90 SECONDS with Denim, Avalon, and Arnold – WELCOME!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest crew-members: Denim Weaver (DW;) in our Austin office; and from our Scottsdale office, Arnold Orozco (AO,) and upcoming graduate, Avalon Leavens (AL.) We want to give all three of you a warm welcome this Spring! We took 90 seconds to get to know more about our newest team members, and it turns out, we have a landscape architectural rendering artist, an occasional surfer, and a mind-blowing guacamole dip recipe that we can't stop drooling over! Want to know more about them? Read below for the full insights!

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