We are excited to announce and celebrate our newest Associates – Stephen Hunt and Janet Quan!

Stephen Hunt is an Architect and Senior Project Manager with 30 years of experience with hospitality, commercial and custom residential projects around the country, including The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. His ability to team with the designers from the beginning of a project and take it through completion of construction administration makes for a smooth process for both owners and contractors, while also ensuring schedules and budgets are met.

Since joining Nelsen Partners as a Senior Designer over a decade ago, Janet Quan has been involved in a variety of large-scale mixed-use developments, restaurants, retail projects and hotels, including serving as the Design Lead for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Casitas in Paradise Valley and the restoration of Uptown Plaza in Phoenix.

Both Steve and Janet will join our firm’s leadership team from the Scottsdale office.  Take a minute and find out more about these two talented professionals.




Where did you go to school?


  • SH: PIT - Phoenix Institute of Technology (a long time ago)
  • JQ: Arizona State University


Favorite architecture style?


  • SH: Contemporary
  • JQ: Modern


What's the most interesting project you've ever worked on, and why?


  • SH: A 34,000 sq. ft private residence in Colorado. It had its own indoor shooting range and secret gun room.
  • JQ: A private residence for an architect in Berkeley. The style of the house looked like the Flinstones met the Jetson's, underwater!


Wood or concrete?


  • SH: Concrete formed with wood
  • JQ: Wood


If you had to collaborate with a famous architect, who would it be?



 When not at work, what would we find you doing?


  • SH: Riding my motorcycle or anything outdoors
  • JQ: Traveling


If you had to be a tower, which one would you be?


  • SH: Sears Tower , I am from the Chicago suburbs – and yes, I know the name changed but it is still the Sears to me
  • JQ: Tokyo Skytree - it's the tallest!


Define your dream project?


  • SH: House of mirrors - but CA might be tricky.
  • JQ: Building a tree house in the middle of the forest