Nelsen Partners developed and revitalized an old East Austin warehouse into one-of-a-kind neighborhood event space. All while preserving most of the façade elements, Nelsen Partners' conversion included a unique hand-cranked pivoting picture window on the west wing that opens the hall to the landscape, allowing the maximization of natural light in the interiors. The warehouse's interiors are unified by a large open concrete floor that connects all corridors and bays. In order to retain the industrial aesthetic, all structural components of the building were left exposed. A Hangar Warehouse and Courtyard intervention were the final additions to make this venue completely programmable, freeing spaces that will become expression areas with great flexibility for the eastside community.

Once a German beer Distribution Center, now an indoor/outdoor event space that reflects the true spirit of the city.

  • Services: Architecture
  • Client: Congress Development Partners
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2019
  • Scope: Renovation
    → 6800 ft² conditioned interior space
    → 3000 ft² open air hangar space
    → 7500 ft² exterior courtyard
Situated just one mile from the Austin Convention Center, Distribution Hall is prepared to accommodate live music, screenings, and presentations just as easily as banquets, ceremonies, and immersive experiences.
Nelsen Partners


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