Domain 7 has been the choice for high-tech companies moving to the Austin area. Due to accelerated schedule on the project it was necessary to produce and install precast on both Office and Garage simultaneously.

Production occurred over a three month period from March to May in 2014. Installation of the Precast was from May to mid July. To meet the schedule requirements there was a one month overlap of production and direction, requiring close coordination with the contractor to ensure the precast was being fabricated in sequence to support erection.

The office facade give us a traditional rhythm windows with precast spandrels and fillers. The spandrel joint and filler location are varied between each floor to enhance the aesthetics and provide a more interesting exterior presentation. The precast panels feature a sandblast finish with architectural concrete incorporating local material that provides beauty and economy.

If you want to hear more about the project PCMA released a video containing all details for the Precast Award, see here:

Our project Domain 7 awarded "Best of Precast 2017" Overall Use for Office and Garage. A big thanks to Precast Concrete Manufacturers' Association of Texas!