We are proud to announce that Nelsen Partners was a winner for the Neighborhood Ministries Classroom Silos Building project in the category of Recreation during the 2018 RED Awards in Arizona. Linnea Brudenell and Steve Oliva from our Arizona office were there to receive the award joined by the rest of the team from NM and Logos! Click the link below for more information about our project, Neighborhood Ministries - and other categories as well.

This long-abandoned silo building in South Phoenix was transformed into a classroom building and playground, exemplifying and ideal prototype for sustainable design, adaptive reuse and positive community impact. The project owner has a long history on the site and provides enterprise business training onsite including a custom bike building and maintenance facility (Barrio Cruisers), a t-shirt and printmaking business (OpportuniTees), an urban farm, parenting classes for teens, job training, a thrift store, and a preschool and aftercare program. The project now houses an after-school program for teens and provides preschool and infant care for low income families. The entire community benefits from this safe, bright, and cheerful new icon. The playground was an integral component for the preschool and toddler education program and provides a safe place of refuge in the city for young children to experience the natural world.

OWNER: Neighborhood Ministries

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Logos Builders Southwest

PROJECT MANAGER: Nelsen Partners

ARCHITECT: Winton Architects, Nelsen Partners


Consulting Structural Engineers; Hawkins Design Group; Henderson Engineers; Landcor

Consulting BROKERAGE: Neighborhood Ministries (Jeremy Wood)

SIZE: 12,183


LOCATION: 1918 W. Van Buren St., Phoenix

START/COMPLETION: June 2016 – April 2017


Attached are some pictures from the ceremony and our project, if you are interested in checking out all of this year’s winners and seeing other pictures... Click here.