"It's not only about creating authentic buildings and spaces, creative process starts with authentic people, and that’s what we’re building in our firm." JEFF BRAND
"The idea that you could be working on a project that is so far away from home... It’s amazing" W. McCONNELL BOBO
"We design with the same level of care through all scales, from the overall master plan down to the human touch." LESHA BLAIR

Nelsen Partners is a group of creative problem solvers – designers with a real-world understanding for authentic place-making and enduring architecture. We are service driven, aiming to exceed our clients’ needs by creating value and ensuring their success. This commitment to exceptional service, along with a passion for design excellence, is what makes Nelsen Partners unique.

For over 30 years the leaders of Nelsen Partners have worked together on projects throughout the US and around the world, providing architecture, interiors, planning, and urban design services for projects ranging from mixed-use developments and master-planned urban centers, to retail developments, office buildings, residential towers, hotels, performing arts venues, and restaurants.

We are a practice consisting of experienced professionals, inspired by the enthusiasm of talented young architects who keep our ideas fresh and expand our vision. Our projects are designed and managed by the firm’s leaders with the support of more than 70 talented professionals. Our clients learn early in our delivery process that they can depend on the top leadership of our organization to navigate the successful design, production and construction administration of award-winning architecture.

The expertise gained on hundreds of projects combined with a commitment to exceptional service has built the foundation for the firm that continues its growth and expansion in both the United States and international markets.


Architecture is not a formula or style; it is the synthesis of complex questions within the context of community, environment, function, and fiscal constraints.  Its development involves skillful listening and the ability to embrace the goals and objectives of our clients. It is shaped with experience, creativity and vision.

Inspired by the opportunities presented, Nelsen Partners has applied its vast experience to projects throughout the world with the goal of exceptional work and extraordinary service to our clients; creating meaningful and memorable places that enrich lives through design.


Nelsen Partners’ success is rooted in our ability to listen, understand the design problem, and skillfully create a sound architectural solution. From client goals and programmatic requirements to environmental sensitivities and cultural appropriateness, each project is considered under its distinct set of criteria, using sound design principles as the foundation of each design solution.

Our process begins with a highly collaborative design methodology grounded in a firm understanding of the project objectives, market position, and the client’s goals. The overall process is executed with a structured project management system to guide the project from inception to completion. Expertise is balanced with creativity in our process to provide outstanding solutions and service to our clients.


Brad Nelsen

Philip Crisara

George Melara

Michael Martin

Carson Nelsen

Scott Chasteen

Stephen Oliva

Jeff Brand

Lindsay Abati

Matthew Beaton

Scott Demont

Chantel Kimmins

Randy McManus

Dan Morrison

Janet Quan

Sandra Saldaña

Jonathan West


At Nelsen Partners, architecture is viewed not solely as object-making, but the careful crafting of buildings within their environment, with attention to creating memorable and sustainable built environments that enhance the human experience.

With over 50 million square feet of designed and built work completed throughout the world, Nelsen Partners’ breadth of experience and passion for design allows us to continue to create enduring architecture and legacy developments for our clients.


Master planning experience ranging from dense urban infill sites to large scale residential or commercial developments comprising hundreds of acres have been completed by Nelsen Partners.  Our work begins with an integrated site analysis involving climate, topography, hydrology, transportation and socioeconomic issues, and culminates with detailed planning, design guidelines, and development standards.  Our expertise in detailed architectural design combined with our approach to land use and planning has developed a discipline that is unique to our industry.


Nelsen Partners continues to craft exceptional interior environments that enhance the architectural impact of our work.  The realization of our Client’s most detailed vision is executed with the highest attention to scale, attitude, materials, lighting, acoustics and furnishings.

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