We are happy to welcome our newest additions to Nelsen Partners. Recent graduate Robin Persegol (RP) has joined our Austin office as an Architectural Intern. While in our Scottsdale office Kelsey Reust (KR) has joined us as Licensed Architect and Aviral Sharma (AS) as Architectural Intern.

We took a few minutes to get to know our new team members. Here’s what they shared.


Where are you from?


  • RP: La Canourgue, France
  • KR: Originally, Converse, Indiana. But more recently, Chicago
  • AS: India


Where did you go to school?


  • RP: ENSA (National Superior School of Architecture) Clermont-Ferrand and University of Oklahoma
  • KR: Ball State University
  • AS: ASU


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


  • RP: Egypt
  • KR: Alaska, moose and bears and wolves, oh my!
  • AS: Singapore and New York


Favorite piece of architecture?


  • RP: The Therme Vals / Peter Zumthor
  • KR: Pyramids
  • AS: Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London




  • RP: Cinephile, Rugby player, Bouldering enthusiast.
  • KR: Screenprinting, hiking, travelling, and playing with my dog (Gary the Golden Retriever).
  • AS: Love to play Soccer.




  • RP: Bjarke Ingels, Mike Horn, Fernando Parrado...
  • KR: Bob Ross
  • AS: Batman!


Favorite pen?


  • RP: 0.5mm Muji Gel pen
  • KR: Pilot G-2
  • AS: I prefer using pencils – Rotrings and staedlers


Guilty pleasure?


  • RP: A combination of cheese and wine
  • KR: Bad pop music
  • AS: Date pancakes with Vanilla Ice-cream


Hidden talent?


  • RP: Undefeated ping pong player on American soil
  • KR: The flying trapeze
  • AS: Photography


Favorite 80’s movie?


  • RP: Blade Runner
  • KR: Nope.
  • AS: Star Wars


Your spirit animal?


  • RP: An octopus
  • KR: Golden Retriever
  • AS: Scorpion


Salty or sweet?


  • RP: Salty
  • KR: Put them together.
  • AS: Sweet


What are you thinking about right this second?


  • RP: I am thinking that this questions sound simple but actually demand a lot of reflexion
  • KR: Bad pop music (but I won't admit what)
  • AS: Beautiful weather outside


What are you doing 10 years from now?


  • RP: I see myself being a registered architect, hopefully still in America and get to design a lot of cool buildings across the world. Let’s dream!
  • KR: Based on the last 10 years, there is absolutely no way I could guess.
  • AS: Probably spearheading an integrated design team