Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest Austin crew-members: Abby Black (AB,) and Laura Perez (LP,) and those from our Scottsdale office: Jack Harris (JH,) Casey Steill (CS,) and Teo Paul (TP,). We’re excited for them to join our team!

Take 90 seconds and find out which of our new team members is an open sea swimmer, a cake ball expert, an axe thrower (watch out!), a musician, and a martial artist.

Also, we hope you are into ice cream architecture, because the five of them designed pretty tasty ice cream cones! Read below for more.


Where are you from?

  • JH: Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • AB: Austin, TX.
  • CS: Phoenix, AZ.
  • LP: New Orleans and San Antonio… I claim both even if New Orleans was only for 7 years.
  • TP: Transylvania/Romania/EU.

Where did you go to school?

  • JH: University of Arkansas.
  • AB: University of Arkansas.
  • CS: Arizona State University.
  • LP: Louisiana State University.
  • TP: Vienna/Austria.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

  • JH: Dublin, Ireland is a beautiful place and the party never stops with the Irish.
  • AB: Helsinki, Finland.
  • CS: Fes, Morocco.
  • LP: Boliva, there is so much diversity within the country.
  • TP: Grand Canyon, AZ.

When not at work, what are you doing?

  • JH: Watching sports while trying to find places to travel to.
  • AB: Yoga, walking town lake, hanging with my children (aka my dogs).
  • CS: You guys leave?
  • LP: Hiking, biking, swimming…basically I am outdoors.
  • TP: Gardening.

Favorite Pen?

  • JH: Sharpie Ultra fine point.
  • AB: Felt tip.
  • CS: V-ball fine.
  • LP: Pilot Razor Point or Micron.
  • TP: Alpha soft touch w/stylus.

Would you rather build a beach house or a forest cabin?

  • JH: Beach house, with maybe a cabin for a guest house.
  • AB: Beach house… No, forest cabin… Both??
  • CS: Beach House alllllll Day.
  • LP: Beach house aka a tree house on the beach.
  • TP: Forest Cabin.

What famous architect would you choose as mentor?

  • JH: Mies Van der Rohe.
  • AB: Alvar Aalto.
  • CS: Michel Rojkind.
  • LP: Renzo Piano.
  • TP: Minoru Yamasaki.

Favorite pool float?

  • JH: Has to be the noodle, no debate.
  • AB: My popsicle float.
  • CS: Anything with cup holders.
  • LP: None… I prefer to float on my own.
  • TP: Water Hammok.

Your spirit animal?

  • JH: I would say a Lion, but my friends would say a Koala.
  • AB: Seal.
  • CS: Aardvark.
  • LP: I am not sure which bird but its definitely a bird.
  • TP: Wolf.

Hidden Talent?

  • JH: Probably playing guitar, not many people know I can do that.
  • AB: I can make some pretty great cake balls.
  • CS: I swam from Alcatraz to SF, no wetsuit, 57° because I was innocent….
  • LP: I did win a axe throwing competion this year, that was something I had never expected.
  • TP: Martial Artist, Musician.

Describe the perfect ice cream cone.

  • JH: One scoop caramel, one scoop cookies n' cream.
  • AB: Chocolate coated cone with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and hot fudgeee.
  • CS: Cake cone, cherry ice cream, no space in the cone left unfilled.
  • LP: Chocolate coated, with peanut butter at the bottom and chocolate. chip cookie dough ice cream, coated again in chocolate.
  • TP: Pinapple/Papaya swirl.

What are you thinking about right this second?

  • JH: That ice cream cone.
  • AB: Eating the perfect ice cream cone.
  • CS: Coffee!!!!
  • LP: man, I really like chocolate.
  • TP: Dreaming of flying.

What inspires your passion for Architecture?

  • JH: The majority of the world we live in is architecture. People travel across the world to see architecture and I aspire to create a reason for people to travel... Imagine the world without architecture!
  • AB: Having the ability to create space that shapes everyday life.
  • CS: Experiencing good work come together with solid teamwork.
  • LP: The fact that we spent 80% of our life in the built environment and we as Architects have the ability to shape someones experience in those spaces.
  • TP: Freedom.

What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • JH: Relaxing at my beach house I designed in question #6.
  • AB: Who knows… but hopefully enjoying what I do!
  • CS: All I need is cool architecture and tasty waves, and I'm fine.
  • LP: Who knows where life will take me, but I am excited to find out!
  • TP: Stayin' fit.