We are happy to welcome our newest Austin folks: Architect Gerard D'Arcy (GD), Project Specialist Nahal Sharifi (NS), and recent undergraduates Nick Burns (NB), and Maria Berrios (MB). To all four of you; welcome to Nelsen Partners, we are so happy to have you in our team!

We took a few minutes to get to know our newest team members, with summer added flare; and turns out nobody wants ice pops during the summer! Take a dive and see what these caffeine lovers shared.


Where are you from?


  • GD: Texas
  • NS: Shiraz
  • NB: Fort Worth, TX
  • MB: Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Where did you go to school?


  • GD: U of H and UA
  • NS: Shahid Beheshti University, Dalhousie University, Virginia Tech
  • NB: The University of Texas at Austin - School of Architecture
  • MB:University of Central Florida


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


  • GD: France
  • NS: Paris
  • NB: Jackson Hole Wyoming + Yellowstone
  • MB: Vals, Switzerland


Favorite piece of architecture?


  • GD: Phoenix Central Library
  • NS: Fallingwater
  • NB: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  • MB: Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor




  • GD: Jogging with my dog
  • NS: Painting
  • NB: Fishing, golf, mountain biking, kayaking, cooking
  • MB: Photography, volleyball, entertaining my puppy




  • GD: Oprah
  • NS: Parents
  • NB: My family and friends
  • MB: Both my grandmas


Favorite pen?


  • GD: Pilot Razor Point - RED
  • NS: Bic
  • NB: Micron 01 - Black
  • MB: I prefer several lineweights so haven't found 1 specific pen.


Favorite Summer Activity?


  • GD: Being in conditioned space
  • NS: Swimming
  • NB: Doing anything outside
  • MB: Going to the springs!


Hidden talent?


  • GD: Playing British rock songs on the ukulele
  • NS: Mind reading
  • NB: Still working on this one
  • MB: Best foosball player you'll ever meet


Dream beach?


  • GD: The tropical type? Jamaica maybe
  • NS: Carmel City Beach
  • NB: Cosmoledo, Seychelles
  • MB:Wherever the Kardashians go


Your spirit animal?


  • GD: Manatee
  • NS: Panda
  • NB: Australian Shepard
  • MB: A 3 year old


Cold brew coffee or Ice Pops?


  • GD: Cold brew coffee
  • NS: Coffee
  • NB: Black coffee
  • MB: Cold brew 100%


What are you thinking about right this second?


  • GD: Cold brew coffee
  • NS: My spirit animal
  • NB: Why I can’t think of a hidden talent?
  • MB: Sleeping and french fries


What are you doing 10 years from now?


  • GD: Retiring early
  • NS: I don't know
  • NB: Designing buildings in the public realm that have meaningful and positive impacts in people's everyday lives.
  • MB: I see myself as a registered Architect, hopefully with my Master's in sustainability, finding affordable housing solutions for Third World countries