Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest crew-members: Denim Weaver (DW,) in our Austin office; and from our Scottsdale office, Arnold Orozco (AO,) and upcoming graduate, Avalon Leavens (AL.) We want to give all three of you a warm welcome this Spring!

We took 90 seconds to get to know more about our newest team members, and it turns out, we have a landscape architectural rendering artist, an occasional surfer, and a mind-blowing guacamole dip recipe that we can't stop drooling over!

Want to know more about them? Read below for the full insights!


Where are you from?

  • DW: Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Savannah, in that order
  • AL: Scottsdale, AZ
  • AO: Deming, New Mexico

Where did you go to school?

  • DW: Penn State
  • AL: Undergrad: Andews University, Grad: Arizonia State University
  • AO: New Mexico State University

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

  • DW: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • AL: Nice, France
  • AO: Belize

Favorite piece of architecture?

  • DW: Seagram Building, New York
  • AL: Gaudi Park Guell in Barcelona
  • AO: FLW - Falling Water


  • DW: Hand drawing architecture and landscapes
  • AL: Grad school, lol I usally dont have time for anything else
  • AO: Trail riding


  • DW: My Father
  • AL: My Family
  • AO: WWII and all war veterans

Favorite Pen?

  • DW: Blue Pilot (Fine)
  • AL: Pilot V ball, black
  • AO: Felt tip

Peeps or Jellybeans?

  • DW: Peeps
  • AL: Jellybeans
  • AO: Jellybeans

If you could grow any fruit in your backyard, what would you grow?

  • DW: Mangoes
  • AL: Mangos
  • AO: Apples

Your spirit animal?

  • DW: Bear
  • AL: Bobcat
  • AO: Roadrunner

Hidden Talent?

  • DW: Hand-rendering architectural landscapes (Pen or Pencil)
  • AL: I surf every chance I get
  • AO: Making a great guacamole dip

Fresh-squeezed lemonade or watermelons slices?

  • DW: Fresh-squeezed lemonade
  • AL: Lemonade
  • AO: Watermelon slices

What are you thinking about right this second?

  • DW: Fresh-squeezed lemonade from the Jeresy boardwalk
  • AL: My studio project for ASU
  • AO: Guacamole dip

What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • DW: Drinking from squeezed lemonade, but not from the Jersey boardwalk. Probably, here in Austin.
  • AL: Having fun and learning!
  • AO: Working and making guacamole dip 😊