With the summer heat kicking in, we welcome some new crew members! In Austin, we said hello to Project Designer Hector Arenas (HA;) originally from Aguascalientes (aka "Hot Springs"), Mexico. Further west, our Arizona studio opened the doors for Project Specialist David Rodriguez (DR,) coming all the way from the renown Aztec lands of Mexico City and Architect Brandon Taylor (BT) from "the City of Trees" and "finger steaks" (Boise, UT.) Last, but not least, we warmly welcome back Project Specialist Arnold Orozco (AO) who comes from a "newer" Mexico (Deming, NM). To all four of you, welcome to Nelsen Partners! We are really excited to have you around, finally!

Take 90 seconds to find out which of our new crew members is too smart to stay stuck in a deserted island with only 3 things!  Who do you think is a break dancer? Lastly, who keeps singing the iconic Latin-American rock song Persiana Americana while using Sketch-Up?

Speaking of summer, this is usually the best time for outdoor concerts, vitamin D intake by the pool, and picnics among friends. While we really wish Nelsen Partners had a third office by the beach, we asked David, Hector, Brandon, and Arnold what the dreamiest location would be. No matter the answer, one of them will be holding a shrimp taco in one and a very cold Dos Equis on the other hand upon arrival, can you guess who?

Read below to find out more about their favorite architectural works (The Portland Building, maybe?) along with the main reasons that architecture inspires them, and yes... their favorite pool floats!

PS. Don't forget to wear sunblock!

Where are you from?

  • DR: Mexico City (DF)
  • HA: Aguascalientes, Mexico
  • BT: Boise, Idaho
  • AO: Deming, New Mexico.

Where did you go to school?

  • DR: PIT - Phoenix Institute of Technology
  • HA: University of Texas at Arlington, School of Architecture/CAPPA, Arlington, TX.
  • BT: University of Idaho
  • AO: New Mexico State University

Favorite piece of architecture?

  • DR: One of my many favorites - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao by Frank Gehry
  • HA: Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn.
  • BT: The Portland Building….Just kidding, I'd like to go see Sagrada Familia in person.
  • AO: Do not have one =(

All-time favorite song?

  • DR: One hit wonder, Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  • HA: Hardest question to answer, but "Persiana Americana" by Soda Stereo is a song I always keep coming back to.
  • BT: A Day in the Life - Beatles
  • AO: My favorite is too explicit to name and have too many favorites to name. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

Favorite pen?

  • DR: Don't have a favorite pen.
  • HA: Probably Micron, since I've used them the longest.
  • BT: Staedtler
  • AO: Red pen for redlines..lol

Describe your favorite pool float.

  • DR: Don't have one.
  • HA: A simple inner tire tube is always best. Inflates quickly and its easier to carry.
  • BT: One of the lounge types with a cup holder and some shade for my head.
  • AO: Just a plain ole lounge chair

Hidden talent?

  • DR: Break Dancing
  • HA: Playing soccer
  • BT: Hitting all the red lights while driving
  • AO: N/A

You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three things, what three things would you have?

  • DR: Knife, Music playing device (solar charged and with favorite playing list) & my glasses (can't see with out them).
  • HA: Water, swiss army knife and definitely my cellphone (supposing I manage to keep its battery charged)…
  • BT: A helicopter, a pilot, and a full tank of fuel
  • AO: Smartphone, Dos Equis, shimp tacos

If you could be any animal...

  • DR: Dolphin
  • HA: Definitely an eagle.
  • BT: An Albatross, not only can they fly but they can also sleep while coasting through the clouds.
  • AO: Bear

Would you rather go on a picnic or to an outdoor concert?

  • DR: Picnic
  • HA: Definitely a concert.
  • BT: Outdoor Concert
  • AO: Outdoor Concert

If Nelsen Partners had a beach house, where would it be?

  • DR: Cancun
  • HA: Bora Bora
  • BT: Maui
  • AO: Costa Rica

What inspires your passion for Architecture?

  • DR: Quality of life for everyone.
  • HA: Seeing how Architecture impacts people's lives.
  • BT: I enjoy creating things and the fulfillment of seeing things coming together that I had a part of.
  • AO: The ability to create any environment for all reasons.

What are you thinking about right this second?

  • DR: How long is it going to take to renovate my Kitchen.
  • HA: Should I cook something at home or go out for lunch?
  • BT: Why isn't Revit and AutoCad more seamless…They are owned by the same company. Adobe figured it out.
  • AO: Nice cold beer.

What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • DR: Enjoying my family and working here at Nelsen Partners.
  • HA: Working on meaningful and exciting projects, learning new stuff and doing lots of traveling.
  • BT: Either traveling the world or figuring out Revit 2031.
  • AO: Working =(