Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest Austin crew-members: Architect Randy Davis (RD,) Jose Aparicio (JA,) and recent graduate Blair Vo-Le (BV,) and those from our Scottsdale office: Chandler Willie (CW,) and Jan Valentin (JV,). To all five of you, we greet you and want you to know we are excited for what's yet to come for 2019!

It took us 90 seconds to get to know more about our newest team members, and it turns out, we have an undercover hip-hop artist, a secret pasta sauce we will have to try, and an invitation for a wild house party in 2029 at Randy's.


Where are you from?


  • CW: Tiis Nazbas
  • RD: Baltimore, MD
  • JV: Puerto Rico
  • JA: San Salvador, El Salvador
  • BV: San Antonio, TX


Where did you go to school?


  • CW: Tiis Nazbas Community School
  • RD: University of Maryland
  • JA: Southern Polytechnic in Atlanta, Georgia
  • BV: University of Texas at Austin – School of Architecture


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


  • CW: Barcelona
  • RD: Florence, Italy
  • JV: Spain
  • JA: Great Blue Hole, Belize
  • BV: London


Favorite piece of architecture?


  • CW: Columns
  • RD: The Shed, NYC
  • JV: Philharmonic Hamburg
  • JA: Anything with Art Deco
  • BV: Zumthor’s Thermal Bath




  • CW: Making Jewelry
  • RD: Airstreaming, marathoning, spinning, learning clawhammer style banjo
  • JV: Sports, Art
  • JA: playing/ watching sports and reading
  • BV: Cooking




  • CW: Parents and grandfolks
  • RD: My daughters
  • JV: Parents
  • JA: Everybody that was told they couldn't be somebody in life
  • BV: Grandparents


Hidden Talent?


  • CW: I used to be signed to a record label and performed on several hip hop tours. One of the tours had 211 stops in one year.
  • RD: Origami; in process creator of a television series
  • JV: Painting
  • JA: I can make the best pasta sauce
  • BV: Hmm…still searching


Favorite Pen?


  • CW: Pilot Razor Point II
  • RD: Micron 05 - Black
  • JV: Micron
  • JA: Pilot razor point
  • BV: Pilot Razor Point


What sport would you compete in if you were in the Olympics?


  • CW: 10,000 M Race
  • RD: Dog walking
  • JV: Basketball
  • JA: Handball or Badminton
  • BV: Tennis


You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?


  • CW: I got friends in low places by Garth Brooks so everyone can sing together
  • RD: You're So Vain
  • JV: Libertad, Frankie Ruiz
  • JA: [English] Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody and [Spanish] Mana- Rayando el sol
  • BV: Any Backstreet Boys or N’sync song


Your spirit animal?


  • CW: The Phoenix
  • RD: Dachshund
  • JV: Tiger
  • JA: Giraffe
  • BV: Panda


Smokin' grilled cheese sandwich or BLT with extra Avo?


  • CW: BLT with some AVO
  • RD: Grilled cheese
  • JV: BLT extra Avo
  • JA: Smokin' grilled cheese sandwich
  • BV: Smokin’ cheese please!


What are you thinking about right this second?


  • CW: About this question.
  • RD: How cute my granddaughter Lucy is
  • JV: Have a lot of work
  • JA: Cheese
  • BV: What we are having for Lunch and Learn today


What are you doing 10 years from now?


  • CW: Attending my children's extra curricular events, taking care of my elders, cattle, horses and helping the community.
  • RD: Throwing a party to celebrate 10 years in Austin!
  • JV: Living the Dream.
  • JA: Not sure but for sure a better me.
  • BV: Registered Architect building amazing things!