We are happy to introduce you to our newest crew members; our I.T. savior Brady Gorman (BG) along with Houston architect Jonathan West (JW) join our Austin team. Two more folks have also joined the Arizona studio; say hello to Texan (Go UT!), but Arizonian at heart, Intern Andrew Basha (AB) and, from the Celery Capital of the World (Yes, Arvada, CO, is the place!) Jessica Jankowski  (JJ). To all four of you, welcome to Nelsen Partners! We are really excited to meet you in person very, very soon.

Take 90 seconds to find out which of our new crew members crochets blankets while watching F1, who is Yoga "Zooming" during class breaks, who will cook us a massive brisket for our next taco party, and lastly, whose spirit animal is a deer. Now picture a deer playing the saxophone.

Congratulations to our new graduate, good luck on continuing studies (at home) to our student, and cheers to our new team! This year has been full of surprises, but it's no surprise that Brady, Jessica, Andrew, and Jonathan have arrived at our virtual studios to help us make our architectural dreams come true.

Read below to find out more about our new crew, and see who they decided to invite to a Lessons Learned Zoom session. (Sorry, it's definitely not Frank Gehry)

PS. Use Alt+A to unmute yourself

Where are you from?

  • BG: Born in Albuquerque, NM, but lived in Lubbock, TX for the last 16 years

  • JJ: Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver

  • AB: Phoenix, Arizona

  • JW: Houston, TX

Where did you go to school?

  • BG: Texas Tech School of Media & Communication

  • JJ: I graduated with a B. Arch from The University of Arizona

  • AB: University of Texas at Austin (current student)

  • JW: University of Houston

What is your favorite building, monument, or space?

  • BG: Disneyland/World, I was always fascinated by how they meticulously scale everything and pay attention to what exactly you see from any vantage point in the park

  • JJ: When I visited the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe I cried! It was my first time seeing architecture I studied in school in person so it will always be my favorite

  • AB: The Oculus at Ground Zero

  • JW: Sheats-Goldstein residence by John Lautner

When not at work (from home), what are you doing?

  • BG: Usually out hiking around parks trying to find hidden trails when it’s cool outside, driving around areas of the city I haven’t seen when it’s a little hotter, finding new places to try out.

  • JJ: I am an avid movie goer and dog snuggler! The highlight of my weekends lately however has been formula 1.

  • AB: Going to school (from home)

  • JW: Spending time with my wife or friends, cooking

Favorite Pen?

  • BG: Blue I guess!

  • JJ: Paper Mate felt tip all the way

  • AB: Sakura Pigma Micron

  • JW: Paper Mate Flair

What new hobbies have you discovered during this quarantine?

  • BG: I’ve become a very avid reader!

  • JJ: I crochet an entire blanket and discovered that working out at the local park at 5 am isn't really all that bad

  • AB: Zoom Yoga

  • JW: Cycling

Would you rather Zoom or Facetime?

  • BG: Zoom, it works more often than Facetime!

  • JJ: Facetime my friends of course!

  • AB: Zoom, because Yoga

  • JW: Either

Have you been adding lime and ginger to your morning juice?

  • BG: Never heard of doing that, I’ll give it a shot

  • JJ: My morning "juice" is a latte so that doesn't seem right.

  • AB: Big ginger guy

  • JW: Yes, actually

Now that you save on your commute time, how do you spend that time?

  • BG: Sleeping!

  • JJ: I nap after my morning workouts, up until the very minute I have to start work! The distance from my bed to my computer is 3 ft so it's a quick transition.

  • AB: Aesthetically arranging the fruit in my yogurt breakfast bowl (you know, doing everything I can to maximize that hour I save)

  • JW: Running or walking my dogs

Your spirit animal?

  • BG: I Googled a spirit animal quiz. It says I’m a Deer.

  • JJ: I would like to say I'm a lion but my college friends told me its more like a Pomeranean, lol!

  • AB: Red-Tailed Hawk

  • JW: Bear

Hidden talent?

  • BG: I can play Clarinet and Saxophone

  • JJ: Name a serial killer. I'll know everything about them!

  • AB: Building my arsenal of movie quotes

  • JW: I've been known to smoke a mean brisket

Now that it has been +6 months, how do you think Architecture is reacting to COVID-19?

  • BG: [how do you think IT is doing] I’m sure there are plenty of IT techs out there tearing their hair out dealing with all the new demand for help with new computer systems and remote work tech problems (I sure have had my share of exhausting days) now that the work-from-home environment is so common, but I really think this is creating a lot of growth in this industry as the world now relies on computer technology more than it ever has in history. I also hope this crisis teaches kids thinking of their careers that IT is only going to grow in the future and is sustainable even during a crisis. Every business out there has at least 1 computer and they always will need someone to fix it!

  • JJ: I've experienced half of those 6 months in school and half in the "real world" so far, and I think the biggest impact is the designer's workflow. Whether the communication adjustment from in-person collaboration to internet collaboration is a positive change I can't tell yet.

  • AB: With greater attention to ventilation, but I wish we would just have a copper-clad revolution already

  • JW: Cautiously optimistic

What are you thinking about right this second?

  • BG: What all I need to bring for my trip to visit my folks in Lubbock tomorrow

  • JJ: I'm scheming to leave my at home espresso machine to try the new pumpkin cold foam cold-brew at Starbucks. My wallet won't like that decision, I don't think.

  • AB: How am I going to pack 540 spaces into this precast parking garage

  • JW: Drawings

If any renown Architect (dead or alive) could give you a one-on-one Lessons Learned by Zoom - who would you pick?

  • BG: [If any famous person] Winston Churchill, I’ve always identified with no-nonsense leaders and history has shown that many historic disasters would have been diverted if more people had listened to him. I’d love to pick his brain on where he thinks we’re headed next and what we need to do about it.

  • JJ: Zaha Hadid thrived in architecture as a woman among men. I would love to pick her brain. If Frank Gehry gave me a call I'd leave him on read.

  • AB: Zaha Hadid

  • JW: Renzo Piano

What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • BG: Hopefully, I’ll have a Masters in Computer Science working for a computer security or engineering company

  • JJ: Well I'm 23 now so hopefully at 33 I'm a registered architect who is ready to start my family! In reality I'll probably just be telling all my friends/kids about the ye-old quarantine days.

  • AB: Hiking to the summit of a tall mountain somewhere in the world

  • JW: Traveling the world and continuing to practice Architecture