Nelsen Partners is happy to welcome our newest crew members: Project Specialist Billy Schaefer (BS), a New Yorker but soon to be Austinite, and from our Scottsdale office, Executive Assistant Janelle Markegard (JM),  Seattleite but Sedona lover. Please take 90 seconds to find out a little more about these two spirit animal twins.

Sneak peek: one of these two likes ice cream with fish. Here's the full scoop!



Where are you from?


  • BS: Short version - England with a 10 year layover in New York
  • JM: I grew up in Seattle, WA (and yes it does rain there quite often) 😊


Where did you go to school?


  • BS: The City College of New York, then Harvard GSD
  • JM: I went to the Art Institute of Seattle


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


  • BS: Montserrat
  • JM: So far has to be Paris with my best friend.  We ate bread, pasta & wine 6 times a day!


Favorite piece of architecture?


  • BS: Gallaratese by Aldo Rossi
  • JM: Disneyland




  • BS: Watching freight trains go by
  • JM: I enjoy hiking, taking spontaneous road trips with friends to Sedona or the beach, attempting to finish pilates class without passing out




  • BS: Thierry Henry
  • JM: My late Grandmother- she was one in a million


Hidden talent?


  • BS: Skateboarding, only at night!
  • JM: My super power hidden talent is being able to recognize the make of a car by its headlights—exhilarating I know


Favorite pen?


  • BS: Medium Sharpie
  • JM: Black Pilot V Ball


Favorite song from your teenage years?


  • BS: Nas - One Love
  • JM: Stuck in my head from my teenage years.. Hands Down & all BackStreet Boys


You’re stuck on a deserted island with only three things, what three things would you have?


  • BS: Phone, solar powered charger and a telescope
  • JM: White cheddar popcorn, Seinfeld & cute kittens


Your spirit animal?


  • BS: Otter
  • JM: Sea otter- nothing should be allowed to be that cute


Favorite ice cream flavor?


  • BS: Phish Food if I had to pick one
  • JM: Rainbow sherbert or coffee


What are you thinking about right this second?


  • BS: How did I get stuck on a deserted island?
  • JM: What I am going to have for dinner


What are you doing 10 years from now?


  • BS: Hopefully designing spaces that thicken the transition from outside to inside
  • JM: I hope to be happy, healthy & have a custom wine fridge in my walk in closet