We are happy to welcome our newest additions to Nelsen Partners. Recent graduates Aubrey Van Niekerk (AVN) and Max Baird (MB) have joined our Austin office as Architectural Interns, and Hussein Al Salih (HAS) has joined our Scottsdale office as a summer intern.

We took a few minutes to get to know our new team members. Here’s what they shared.


Where are you from?


  • AVN: San Diego, California
  • MB: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • HAS: Mosul, Iraq


Where did you go to school?


  • AVN: Texas Tech University
  • MB: UT, Austin
  • HAS: University of Arizona and Mosul University


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?


  • AVN: Paris, France
  • MB: Cayman Islands
  • HAS: Turkey and Chicago


Favorite piece of architecture?


  • AVN: Probably The Louvre, since I'm thinking of Paris.
  • MB: Seagram Building by Mies van der Rohe
  • HAS: Waterfall House by Hagia Sophia




  • AVN: I love to draw. Love movies. Those are my main two.
  • MB: Baseball and working out
  • HAS: Photography, biking, playing soccer, and working out.




  • AVN: Wonder Woman, nowadays.
  • MB: My Mom
  • HAS: Muhammad Ali


Favorite pen?


  • AVN: Micron
  • MB: Gotta go with the 0.3 Micron Black, or Red.
  • HAS: Staedler lead holder and Peel & Sketch pen


Guilty pleasure?


  • AVN: I have a really bad sweet tooth, so anything sweet.
  • MB: Ice Cream. Should I feel guilty about that?
  • HAS: Laugh out loud, a lot.


Hidden talent?


  • AVN: I'm a really good swimmer.
  • MB: I can walk on my hands.
  • HAS: Adapting.


Favorite 80’s movie?


  • AVN: 16 Candles
  • MB: Ferris Buller's Day Off
  • HAS: Flash dance


Your spirit animal?


  • AVN: WOLF!
  • MB: Black Bear
  • HAS: Eagle


Salty or sweet?


  • AVN: Sweet
  • MB: Salty
  • HAS: Sweet


What are you thinking about right this second?


  • AVN: If I answered the hidden talent question right.
  • MB: The answer to this question.
  • HAS: Go out running.


What are you doing 10 years from now?


  • AVN: Hopefully in the same field, but just way higher up. Maybe I'm already licensed?
  • MB: Have a family with kids.
  • HAS: Family and traveling.