We are happy to introduce you to our newest Austin crew members; all the way from polska ziemia, Anna Niespielak (AN), and from not so far away, former Chicagoan Kevin Jele (KJ). And from our Scottsdale office, we welcome to Architects Dan Watson (DW) and Jerry Park (JP). To all four of you; welcome to Nelsen Partners, we are so happy to have you on our team!

Take 90 seconds and find out which of our new crew members is crocheting mittens, who might be playing drums and violins late at night, and who might be 3D printing some snowflakes this winter (in case Arizona doesn't get snow).

The holiday season is upon us and we can't stop thinking about all the good food coming later this month. We asked Anna, Kevin, Dan, and Jerry about Thanksgiving dinner and looks like there's some serious scarfing to be done - but hey Jerry, can you send the Rosemary-infused wild rice stuffed mushroom recipe? We want to give it a try!

Read below to know more about Igloos and their interviews!

Where are you from?

  • AN: Poland

  • KJ: Illinois

  • DW: Atlanta, GA

  • JP: Originally from Seoul, Korea; Did schooling in New England; Came to Arizona in 2010

Where did you go to school?

  • AN: Cracow University of Technology, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

  • KJ: University of Illinois

  • DW: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (AZ and WI)

  • JP: Rhode Island School of Design

Name an architecture piece that is way more captivating when covered by snow.

  • AN: Brooklyn Bridge, NY

  • JK: A Downspout

  • DW: Fallingwater

  • JP: Not sure about the architecture piece but love looking at unoccupied city like NYC covered in snow.

When not at work, what are you doing?

  • AN: Hiking and biking

  • KJ: Seeing live music, playing music.

  • DW: 3d Design and Printing, petting my dogs, some form of yard work/ gardening.

  • JP: Play music, read books, take care of the house, etc.

Favorite Pen?

  • AN: The one that works

  • KJ: Flair - Green

  • DW: Uni-ball Vision Elite .7mm

  • JP: Le Pen

You receive a call from a renown Architect asking if you would design an Igloo in the arctic during the winter. Who called and what's the concept?

  • AN: Renzo Piano

  • KJ: Sou Fujimoto called and it would be lots of cool little modules

  • DW: Santiago Calatrava - Strong backbone

  • JP: Louis Khan called to execute the project embracing the concept of "silence and light" in arctic region

What's the one thing that makes architecture fascinating?

  • AN: It has a huge impact on our life.

  • KJ: How ideas are communicated among so many groups of people to produce something physical.

  • DW: Creation of space.

  • JP: The fact that it is bigger than humans and it is there to not only house human needs but to inspire.

Reindeer sledding, or slide with the penguins?

  • AN: Reindeer sledding

  • KJ: Slide with the penguins

  • DW: Reindeer sledding as long as they are trained

  • JP: Slide with the penguins

Your spirit animal?

  • AN: Eagle

  • KJ: Fly

  • DW: Buddha Dog

  • JP: Eagle

Hidden Talent?

  • AN: Play violin and chess

  • KJ: I can crochet

  • DW: There is a reason it is hidden.

  • JP: I played drums for more than two decades. Used to play in a rock band.

Which iconic Thanksgiving dish will you scarf down this year?

  • AN: Turkey stuffing

  • KJ: Green bean Casserole

  • DW: Mash potatoes with gravy

  • JP: Rosemary-infused wild rice stuffed mushroom

What are you thinking about right this second?

  • AN: coffee

  • KJ: Other possible spirit animals

  • DW: This question

  • JP: Thanksgiving meal 😊

Name your three principals of good architecture?

  • AN: Beautiful, useful, sustainable

  • KJ: Thoughtful, Honest, and Helpful

  • DW: Form and Function are one. Create an open space while creating a sense of shelter. Simplify.

  • JP: Well proportioned space; Good construction/materiality; Intricate connection to surroundings

What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • AN: Building dream house

  • KJ: No idea

  • DW: Still learning Revit

  • JP: Designing a new project